viernes, 26 de marzo de 2010

When you walk, you don't leave tracks, When you talk, they don't talk back, Believing every word you say
But they don't know, they don't don't know ,Secrets that you just can't keep. Promises that you made me You twisted it to suit yourself,But now I know, I know, I know,Everything that I told you,You just smile and then you,Kiss and tell everything I say,Stuck inside your little web,Everybody wants to know, yeah,Lips that lie, caught in your trap, Sold me out and you just laugh Tell me were friends until the end, yeah,But you don't mean it, don't mean it,I wish that I could take it back,You want it all but you can't have that,People falling at your feet,But they don't know, they don't don't know,You're gonna figure out real soon.The dirty deeds will catch up to you,But you don't know, you don't don't know!

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